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My Littlest Damsel Fights!

My youngest is a fighter. She has been from the beginning, but accepting this personality trait hasn’t always come easy. After all, watching my little girl choose Power Rangers, Transformer Robobots, and playing with all boys on the playground over girls has caused this mom (at times) to stop and wonder, “where did I go wrong?” Truth is, I didn’t go wrong anywhere. This is who she is and I must say it’s proving powerful to me. She will never be the ‘Damsel in Distress.’ Instead, she’ll be the Damsel fighting distress!

After an incident that occurred last evening where little sister took up for big sister, I’ve spent the morning pondering the first time I watched her fight for the right thing! It was a transforming moment for both of us.

I remember it well. We were walking down the sidewalk on our way to the bus stop. Her older sister, had already made it to the big rock ahead of us, which marked the pick-up location. The kids always climbed on the boulder and exclaimed, “I’m king (or queen) of the hill!” On this particular day, my oldest had made her way to the rock and was the first to the top. Not long after she had taken her place some boys, desiring to have this spot, began poking and prodding at her to get her off the rock so they could take her place. As my youngest and I walked along (saying not a word to each other) I wondered – watching the scene unfold – how is this little girl walking beside me going to react if the boys are successful in pushing her big sister off that rock. Then it happened. The boys rallied together and bullied her to the ground. Immediately, my littlest one took off as fast as her feet would carry her to deal with those boys. For the next several minutes I peered from afar as my youngest chased each of them down, putting them in their place. Needless to say, I was one proud momma! Before the bus arrived, and after she dealt with those little rug rats, she returned to my side. I knelt down and with my eyes starring deeply into hers I told her how proud I was of her for sticking up for her sister. In that moment, I knew that who God created her to be, was exactly the person she was supposed to be.

To this day, she continues to fight for her big sister. Her feisty personality says, no one will mess with me or anyone I care about and you will¬†listen to me! I have no doubt that fighting is in this girl’s future. I’m excited to watch her become the girl I know God has made her to be!

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