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Living Intentionally In The Present

Learning to live in the present is an active choice. All too much I’ve lived in the future or in the past. My peace, with each, is stolen. In living beyond today, I find myself not satisfied, reaching and grasping for more. In living in the past, I find myself pondering and questioning the events which are now behind me. But, living in the now reminds me to keep my eyes and ears open, actively listing to and watching that and those whom are around me.

As I sit this particular morning, practicing this, I find my silence is broken by the hum of the washing machine. I hear the wrestling of paper as my pen and hand cross over the page. My elderly, domino-speckled, graying dog lies motionless with only his ribs rising and falling on the soft rug below. My devotional book, Bible, and phone lie teetering on the quads of my legs as I lounge here writing upon my couch.

Though at rest, I find myself struggling to not start the process of pondering what lies ahead of me. I fight the urge and remain present. Taking it all in, I suddenly hear the words that a precious little girl had spoken to me earlier saying, “Mommy will you come eat lunch with me?” I had said “maybe,” at the point of the question, recognizing I had so much on my to-do list that day. But, as I sat there in the present, I recognized that truly she was the most important thing on my schedule. Its amazing, how being present can bring life into perspective.

Are you living in the past, present, or future? I challenge you to begin the process of trying to live in the here and now, for it’s what we have been given.

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