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Inspirational Mixed Media Art – Finding More of Me

I have long LOVED mixed media art. Donna Downey, mixed media guru (in my opinion), has inspired me for years. I’ve longed to buy and create duplicates of her work (calling her a creative mess…lovingly of course!), never believing that I, myself, could actually do it. Recently, however, something inside me inspired me to step outside the box, buy a few materials, and simply try. The results have, not only surprised me, but inspired me to keep moving forward with this sort of art! Though, I have much to learn, I’m excited about the journey beyond. Knowing that I can incorporate most any of my current creative outlets into this sort of art, makes it all the more appealing to me. Most exciting is that I can finally begin decorating my bare studio walls!


The words I’ve chosen for these pieces were derived from a poem I wrote a little over year ago, titled “A Beautiful Mess.” As I’ve been drawing and working on these pieces, and others that are still in progress, I’ve felt that they are the visual aspect of that written word. As I’ve seen all the pieces together I’ve come to know that they are, indeed, all a part of each other.fairy_forweb


The biggest thing I’ve learned through this process is that indeed “Anything is possible with God!” I never knew I could draw and yet I’m learning quickly that it’s within me. I dropped out of art school after one semester, completely beside myself at the recognition that everyone around me excelled in this area…and then there was me. Being that I was already several years into a music major, I dropped the art and finished out as a Music Business Major. I debated several years ago going back to school, but the financial burden that would have placed on our family, not to mention the hours away from them as well, would have been too much. To see that God has had another plan despite the doubt in myself – and that He’s still bringing me full circle – is simply exciting to me. He really is faithful. I absolutely love art and am excited to get my hands “dirty” with acrylics, chalk, watercolor, paper, glue and much more along the way and, hopefully, bring glory to Him, through it all!

What things have you left or given up on? I have good news…He hasn’t given up!

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