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Anxiety Coping Tools for When The Unexpected Shows Up

Tools for coping with anxiety are a necessary part of daily life for those of us who deal with anxiety. Here’s a look at a day in the life of one whom struggles with depression – me – and the coping tools I sought out.

A couple of weekends ago, I awoke struggling to breathe. This isn’t anything new for me as I’ve experienced these mini anxiety attacks before. Though I recognized the physical reaction to my internal dialogue, I was not connecting the “dots” per say on why my body was reacting as it was. I simply knew I was uncomfortable and that I needed to work toward finding relief.

So I went to my anxiety coping tools to help me process what was going on.

Coping tools are necessary for those of us with anxiety. I have found several things that aid in helping me understand my mind and body and what they are saying to me. You can too!Initially I went for a walk. I’ve learned that exercise is a huge factor in helping my body and mind work cohesively together. It’s not unusual – for that matter – for me to go for a run, come home, and completely break down regardless of knowing the ‘why’ behind the tears. I’ve come to realize through these episodes just how connected the mind and the body are to each other. Thankfully while out, that particular morning the cold air filled my airways and made breathing easier. Unfortunately it didn’t last that day. For after my 2 mile walk, I stepped back into my home and felt the familiar tightness of airways that struggled to fill and release as they were made to do.


So, I grabbed my journal.

I’m always surprised at what comes out in my quiet time. It is as if the posture of the pen on the paper begin to write the story of what is going on inside of my head, whether I am aware of the tale that will unfold before me or not. Needless to say, a whole lot of fear came out that day in the journal before me. Fears about measuring up and being a good enough wife, mother, and friend, and a struggle to believe that I was  ‘doing’ enough for those around me. As I wrote and the tears came, my eyes were finally able to see what my heart and head had been holding onto. Oh how grateful I am for pen and paper. While I am blessed to have a support group when I need them, medication to soothe the harsh realities of life, and an ability to exercise, I will always be in awe of the pen and the paper and what they do for me, and how they help me see that which I cannot.

Life is messy. Grab a pen. Grab some paper and start writing.

Til next time,

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