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Gluten Free: Have I Lost My Mind Or Am I Finding It?

So I have been attempting to go gluten-free.


Why do I do this? Call it obsessive compulsive disorder, but the truth is, I read books. In turn, I believe these books to be true. And then I diagnose myself and everyone else around me. Nothing but the truth from me y’all.

Ugh! I know. You and my whole family think I have lost it. And possibly I have. They scream at the sight of bread, “Yes! Give me gluten.” Or when baking ask, “Does this have gluten in it?” I roll my eyes, knowing I am simply trying to do what I believe to be best all while completely understanding their sentiments.

The problem is this: it all makes sense. The books, the science, the history. So either the writers are very convincing and know how to sell me on their theories and findings as doctors in the industry. Or I’m willing to go on a wild goose chase to make anything happen for my children. For the sake of this post, we’ll say it is a little of both.

But truly, maybe the authors are on to something.

But here’s the struggle with going gluten-free.

It’s hard.

I let go of everything that I was initially doing for month of November. I did this, realizing the focus and attention necessary to learning such a foreign diet would be time-consuming. Now, understand, I tend to think I have to learn things in a week’s time. So, while I did not have to drop everything, it was simply what I chose to do to help myself learn without distractions and additional stress. And here I am half-way through December, still trying to learn how to bake with all the gluten-free flours. My biggest question facing my grocery runs these days are, do I buy the all-purpose gluten-free flour, or the coconut, almond, rice, etc. flours and make my own?  It’s mind numbing y’all!

The jury is still out and it may well be February before I truly know what the heck I am doing. Some days I want to throw in the towel and just eat what is easy. But then I ask this question and am reminded of my “why?”:

Will going gluten-free help my child’s brain?


There stands the most difficult question of all. For I don’t know.

I want to believe it will and I want to see those changes occur. But, I know more often than not it is a journey of faith where I simply find myself hoping for that which I cannot see. And may not see for days, weeks, months, and years to come. I simply believe that if I have been led to this place, then I need to willingly give it all that I have, in hopes that life abundant awaits. And accept, that though it may not, I am being obedient to the call.

After all, when I read about all that gluten can do to the brain, I cannot help but want to stay away from it. After all, we have enough issues in this family when it comes to the brain (me included!). Ha! We don’t need anything additional added to our plates. Whether my children, husband and I are affected by gluten or not, I don’t know. But I do know that I cannot knowingly put it into my system on a daily basis knowing what I now know about the affects of it on the brains of some – if not all.

And so I journey on in hope and faith. Saying goodbye – along the way – to all those wonderful (I mean horrible) breads and pastas.  And hope that in doing so we reap a harvest of blessing.

Have I lost my mind? Possibly. Is my mind worth losing if it clears up things like memory fog, pathways of learning, inattentiveness, anxiety, and depression? Without a doubt. And so, I’ll trudge along and forge a new path myself and hope that in so doing, we are all better for it.

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