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Anxiety Coping Tools for When The Unexpected Shows Up

Tools for coping with anxiety are a necessary part of daily life for those of us who deal with anxiety. Here’s a look at a day in the life of one whom struggles with depression – me – and the coping tools I sought out. A couple of weekends ago, I awoke struggling to breathe. This […]

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Inspirational Mixed Media Art – Finding More of Me

I have long LOVED mixed media art. Donna Downey, mixed media guru (in my opinion), has inspired me for years. I’ve longed to buy and create duplicates of her work (calling her a creative mess…lovingly of course!), never believing that I, myself, could actually do it. Recently, however, something inside me inspired me to step […]

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Living Intentionally In The Present

Learning to live in the present is an active choice. All too much I’ve lived in the future or in the past. My peace, with each, is stolen. In living beyond today, I find myself not satisfied, reaching and grasping for more. In living in the past, I find myself pondering and questioning the events […]

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Cummins Falls: A Photographic Snapshot Of My Mother’s Day

This past Sunday, our family made the trek to Cummins Falls for Mother’s Day. I had heard about this place from a friend, and really wanted to go see what it was all about. I’m so glad we did. Not only did I get to experience watching my kids cross rivers, endure and succeed at […]

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Front Porch Make-Over: A Place of Peace for My Soul

I’ve been told that we go through different periods of time in our life, and that instead of trying to control what we think we’re “supposed to do,” that we should learn to go with the flow and just do that which calls out to us. Well, for me, that which was calling was a […]

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